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Bloggydog Tribute


Bloggydog is something we worked on for a while that is about our two dogs, Benjamin and Finnegan, and our adventures around the neighborhood.

Saturday morning, November 13, our amazing and beloved dog Benjamin quite suddenly and unexpectedly died of sudden heart failure. It’s likely that the Valley Fever he had when we adopted him seven years ago caused heart damage, though he never showed any sign.

He was truly the kindest, happiest and most noble King of Dogs.

Your family misses you so much, Ben…


Thirty-Five in Dawg Years

Dawg House first opened our doors on August 20, 2004 ~~ five years ago ~~ that’s 35 years ago in dawg years! Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but we’re pretty amazed about celebrating our fifth anniversary!

We’d also like to say thank you thank you thank you thank you (multiply that a few hundred times to cover each one of you) to each and every dawg who has ever come to spend the day with us – you are the reason we get to keep doing this (please thank your owners, too)!

Just to show you that we haven’t aged too badly in these last 35 dawg years, here’s a picture of us (with our boy Benjamin) that ran in with a Tucson Weekly story, and a link to that original article…


tucson weekly pic 2004