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Dawg House Overnight Boarding

Last year when we moved to our new Dawg House location, we had the opportunity to renovate an entire section of our building for use as an overnight boarding facility. Check it out!

Our boarding room is a secure, separate area that locks off from the daycare and outside sections of the building, so it is extremely secure. There is also a completely separate Air Conditioning/Heating system just for that room, so overnighters can stay nice and comfortable. Since the boarding room is attached to the daycare room, overnighters get to enjoy daycare with the rest of the pack!  We also have an online monitoring system so we can check in when we are not on the premises.

  • We offer two sizes of kennels: 4 x 6′ Great Dane and 3 x 5′ large breed.
  • Overnight boarding is $30 for every 24-hour period, with the daily cutoff being at 9:00am. After 9:00 we charge for daycare by the 1/2 or whole day.
  • The $30 boarding fee includes the $23-$25 charge for a full day of daycare.
  • Boarders who play well with others can be out in the main playroom with the rest of the group, so they have 12-13 hours of totally cage-free romping and running time.  Boarders who do not socialize well may still enjoy hanging out in the 1000+sf boarding area while watching the action.
  • Discounts include 10% off for the second (and all additional) boarders, and for boards longer than seven nights, 10% off the entire board.

Boarding fills up fast! Call well in advance with your future dates.

Entrance to Boarding Area from Playroom

Boarding Room South

Boarding Room North