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Passing the Leash

small dh logo framedHowdy Dawg Blawg followers! We recently emailed out some BIG NEWS through our website ( Here’s the news about our passing the leash on to some new pack leaders…

Hello everyone,

As stated in the subject of this email—we have some BIG NEWS and big changes coming to Dawg House. We have owned and loved Dawg House since 2004; we have tried to meet everybody’s needs and most of all take the best possible care of the dogs that have been such a large part of our lives. With very mixed emotions, we have decided to sell Dawg House.

This process and its’ outcome have happened very quickly, but we wanted to make sure it was 100% concluded prior to letting you all know. Just to reassure everyone—we would NEVER choose people to continue our legacy without fully approving who they are, and also having the utmost confidence in their abilities.

May 16th (in about two weeks), the new owners will take possession of Dawg House. We (Christopher and Erica) will stay on the premises for 30 days to train and guide, introduce and assist, and help with whatever else is needed to make the new owners comfortable and confident in moving forward. It will also be the time to make sure you all are WELL cared for during the transition, because that is the most important part.

This also means that it will be business as usual in the next couple weeks…we will be here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to ask when we see you, or by email, or call us. Just to reassure you all—any passes you have purchased are still valid and any on-site boarding arrangements you have made are being honored.

The new owners names are Chris and Rebecca (she calls herself Beck). Already easy—you only have to learn one new name =). Beck has been a licensed Vet Tech for the last 23 years and is currently managing a large veterinary clinic in Tucson. Chris has a degree in Business and has worked in Corporate Sales and Marketing for the last 25 years.

Please know how much each of you means to us. Without you, Dawg House would never have been the remarkable community that it currently is and will continue to be.

Thank you and we look forward to speaking with all of you in person,
Erica and Christopher

Dawg House Dog Daycare
2201 N Stone Ave.
Tucson AZ 85705
(520) 903-2949



Most of you know Milo as the dignified, reserved dog who sits near the gate at Dawg House every time somebody arrives.  He is also a silly puppy who can run around with the best of them! He has been part of our pack here at Dawg House for almost 5 years.

Recently, Milo was diagnosed with soft cell sarcoma, and has a single, localized tumor on his rear leg.   He was enrolled in a clinical trial to see if a new drug therapy would shrink the tumor, but it didn’t.  During his treatment, surprisingly, Milo actually enjoyed his visits to the vet.  It was inspirational to see him trotting in after a day spent at the hospital, all “smiles”.

The next line of defense for this cancer, though, is an amputation of Milo’s leg.  This will essentially cure him of the disease, which is a great outcome.  The amputation ensures that all the cancer will be removed, leaving nothing behind at the cellular level to multiply and grow again.  In the meanwhile, however, the actual surgery and aftercare is extremely expensive.

We here at Dawg House are sympathetic to the cause and know how difficult all these decisions can be.  We want to do what we can to alleviate some of the financial burden for Milo’s family so they can concentrate on what is important–helping him heal!

So, there is a donation box in our lobby, right by the door. Please donate a little something…because it can really add up and help out.  In the next week or so, we will also be raffling off a couple of daycare passes and 100% of those proceeds will go to Milo’s family as well.

We will look forward to his return to Dawg House, and his healthy future.  Dogs are incredibly resilient and it won’t be long til Milo is running around with the pack again!

Lobby Etiquette

In the past several months, we have had many new dogs join our pack at Dawg House, which makes this the perfect time to explain our rules and expectations for our lobby.

When you are in the lobby with your dog,  please make sure your dog is leashed and under your control.  This is for several reasons–first off, the door to the outside can open at any time, leaving a loose dog vulnerable.  Also, as much as we try to maintain a safe lobby, there are items and foods to which your dog should not have access.  The only way to insure they don’t is to keep them leashed and under control.

In addition, we have many dogs that are truly excellent daycare dogs—sweet and friendly, playful and enjoyable, until “Mom” or “Dad” enters the picture.  We have several clients that call from the parking lot for us to remove the dogs from the playroom safely, and others that need a wide berth when entering and leaving.  Because of this,  please don’t approach a dog in the lobby without asking if it’s okay;  but also, please be respectful and move away from the gate as people are exiting. Many of the dogs that attend Dawg House are rescue dogs, and have some real trust issues as well.  They are fearful of strangers, and may even bite if touched when afraid.  We do our best to maintain a calm and conflict free entrance and exit,  so by giving people and their dogs plenty of room, you will help with the process.

What happens when two dogs are in the lobby together? It’s fairly similar to the above situation–many dogs are BEST buddies when they are running around for hours together, loose in the playroom.   Get them on the other side of the fence, or on their lead in the lobby with another dog, and immediate conflict arises.  For this reason, please keep your dog on a short lead and don’t let your dog approach another dog in the lobby; it may not end well.

The final piece of this puzzle is how to handle your time in the intro area/airlock.  Because during pickup and drop off time our entire job is to safely get dogs in and out of the pack, we ask that you remain calm and avoid putting fingers through the fence to touch the other dogs that are present.  We know how completely adorable the pack is, and also how exciting it is to see your dog after a long day of work.  However, excited and high-pitch sweet talking or paying lots of attention to the dogs through the fence, can both cause over-arousal and can lead to conflict.   The dogs will compete with each other to get to the person doling out affection, and actually get aggressive in doing so.  We don’t want to dampen your excitement,  but it will actually help in training your dog to greet you more calmly as well.

We are so happy to have all of you new clients as part of our pack, and also to have the dogs that have been with us for a long time.  We wouldn’t be here without you, and our goal is the same–safe, fun play for the dogs that actually helps build their confidence, and wears them out for the night!

Dawg House Talk of The Town Award

Yay Dawg House!

Hey, Dawg House won some sort of award! Thanks everybody for your kind words! We got four stars!

“How are Award Winners Chosen?  Our Research Department calculates scores through data obtained through a multitude of resources including online customer reviews and surveys, blogs, social networks, business rating services, and other honors and accolades. Only those with enough positive feedback, scores, ratings, awards and accolades to reach 4-5 stars will win this award.”

As a business rating service and publication company, Celebration Media U.S., along with Talk of the Town News, annually calculates CMUS Power Ratings™ based on a multitude of resources, including consumer-review websites and blogs, social networks, and other rating services and industry resources to determine the top consumer-rated businesses in the country.

Our 7th Anniversary!

Hey, congratulations to YOU! 

You helped us make it to our seventh birthday! That’s right – Dawg House opened its’ doors on August 20th, 2004, and we’re still barking about how great you and all of your dawgs are! Thanks for coming in, being a big part of our pack, and keeping things nice and fuzzy! WOOF!

and here’s a link back to our 5th anniversary post, which also links to an article the Tucson Weekly ran about us before we opened: Thirty Five In Dawg Years

Dawg Media

Hey! How are you? We haven’t been updating the blog much lately, but we haven’t forgotten, either. Sometimes ya just get busy. Plus, summer in Tucson is here, and things move a little more slowly when the heat sets in…

Anyway, we wanted to take a minute to ask for some help updating our Dawg Media. As you know, we have two picture pages on this blog, one with individual daycare dawg portraits (Gallery), and one with general daycare playtime pics (Dawgs Being Dawgs). We also have a You Tube Channel, where we post short videos of playtime here at Dawg House.

When you get a chance, click on those links and poke around. If you don’t see an individual portrait of your dawg, let us know and we’ll add one! If you don’t see a playtime pic of your dawg, let us know about that too! And if you don’t see a video of your dawg, send us a note! We’ll get right on it. You can leave a comment on the blawg pages or send us an email at: