Dog Arthritis and Dysplasia Supplements

Arthritis and general joint pain is very common in dogs. Our own dog Finnegan is a Shar-Pei/Golden Retriever mix, and he had some pretty serious arthritis  flare-ups when he was only four of five years old. In the middle of walks he would  start limping badly, and his ankles would swell to double their size, staying that way for several days.

Since then (he’s nine now) we’ve treated him very successfully – and by very successfully we mean NO flare-ups – with some easy-to-find supplements.  These supplements can also be used as a preventive and ongoing measure to help dogs with or prone to hip dysplasia.


Cetyl M contains cetyl myristoleate – a powerful esterified fatty acid – and is readily available at Amazon and other outlets. Duralactin contains MicroLactin, a low-lactose, dried milk protein concentrate, and is a long-term adjunct to be used in combination with glucosamine/chondroitin


products. It is also available commonly. Speaking of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, we’ve always use Blue Buffalo food for our dogs and they LOVE it, plus it contains both of those important joint-health ingredients! QUALITY dog food that contains

Blue Buffalo

Glucosamine makes a HUGE difference in a dog’s health and longevity!

For dogs with severe joint problems, we have also seen the addition of natural supplement called Kaprex, which helps with inflammation and pain issues.

Here are a couple of good overview articles on Arthritis and related supplements for dogs:



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