Archie the Brave

Many of you probably know Archie (the beagle/basset mix) that LOVES his treats during pick-up time.  He is a fairly mellow dog with a ton of personality.  He loves to “torture” his mom with his drama king act during drop-off…but soon settles in well to the daycare group.  He’s been a member of our pack since April, 2010.

Last week, his mom Keri sent us an email letting us know that Archie has a cancerous tumor in his bladder.  Below is the email that she sent to her friends and family, and we wanted to share it with you.

It includes a link to a blog that tells a step by step, day by day, account of all Archie and Keri are going through.  There is also a link to donate if you are so inclined–every little bit helps. We all know how incredibly expensive treatment can be.

Archie has had the tumors removed surgically and with good margins, but still has chemo to face.  If love and caring were enough to cure him, he is in the right household for sure.

We are all pulling for you Arch–and look forward to seeing your smiling face soon!

Hey friends, and friends of Archie,

Archie was diagnosed with a tumor in his bladder this past week. The oncologist decided it was totally operable and thought we best remove it right away as it’s most likely a kind of carcinoma (cancer). Archie has surgery yesterday – it has been a total whirlwind of a week.

This is where you come in…
Please send good doggy thoughts our way! Archie doesn’t quite know whats going on, but I am hopeful the surgery was a success and will be doing everything I can to see that his recovery is smooth and complete. They say doggie chemo is not so bad… Your good thoughts, suggestions, ideas and all other help is welcome! If you are able to contribute to the vet bill (pre-op, surgery, post-op, chemo, supplements, etc.) we will be ever grateful for that, too.I have started a web site where you can find updates, if you like 😉

Thanks and big hugs,


4 responses to “Archie the Brave

  1. Hi, I am glad to hear that Archie has made it through surgery and starting his chemo. Is there anyway to donate without going through paypal?
    Thanks, Donna (Fargo’s mom)

  2. Hi Donna! Keri here (on behalf of Archie). He’s doing great so far, but we expect the effects of chemo to kick in in a few days… Archie will be at the Dawg House off and on during treatment so Erica and Chris can help me keep an eye on him. I don’t know that the Veterinary Specialty Center is set up to receive payments on behalf of patients (and services have to be paid for as-we-go). I’m sure there’s a way for you you help, though. I’ll check and let you know what I find. Thanks very much for your interest in helping out!

    • Okay i will wait to hear back from you. I dont remember which dog is Archie. do you have a picture to attach? i will ask Erica or Chris tonight when i get my dog which one is Archie. Thanks.

  3. Hi Donna! I’m not sure how to attach a photo, but he’s been at the dawghouse quite a bit lately…. If you check out the chipin page, there are links to photos from his surgery through this week and chemo #2. Erica and Christopher have been awesome at helping me take care of him. One great way to help would be to “sponsor” one of his recovery days at the dawghouse. (You could give the contribution directly to them!)

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