New Technology!!

We have been having a really good time making videos of the dogs running around and playing, and then posting it on our YouTube channel.  But things have gotten even better!

There is a new app that let’s you film in slow motion or SUPER slow motion and we have been trying it out.  The videos are amazingly clear and it makes Dawg House look like the National Geographic channel.  Seriously.

We are able to witness subtleties and nuances that we never noticed before. It’s a completely new aspect of dog language.

So, we will be posting these videos alongside our regular videos at  Each of the videos we post are named after the dogs that appear, and these slo-mo videos will have ‘slo-mo’ in the title as well to make them easy to find.

Check back OFTEN to see these great videos!


One response to “New Technology!!

  1. Cooooooooooool, Erica and Chris. We know Socrates has the time of his life with you and it is so much fun checking in on him when he’s there. Thanks for your new technology!

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