Xiao Sa

By now, many of you have probably heard about the amazing stray dog that accompanied bikers in China for over 1100 miles! If not, here is a recap of the story, along with a link to the video.

Xiao Sa (as she was dubbed) followed a group of Chinese cyclists who were on a post-graduation biking trip from Chengdu to Tibet, which took them 24 days.   They completed an impressive distance of 1,700 kilometers, or over 1,100 miles. The dog, which appears to be some sort of terrier mix, hardly looks like it has long enough legs to traverse such a distance—but she stuck with them the entire trip.

Zhang Heng, the 22-year-old graduate from Hubei, saw a small, white stray dog lying in the street at the beginning of his trip, and he and his friends decided to feed her. When they continued biking, she started following them through the rough terrain.  She climbed “mountains over 4,000 meters high, and ran on uphill sections where many bikers prefer to take the bus,” reports say. The cyclists, who had soon unofficially adopted the pup, took care of her and made a cage for her to ride in during a particularly steep slope where she might not have been able to keep up.

The group started a blog called “Go Go Xiao Sa,” and she proved to be an inspiration to the cyclists and other travelers who met her along the way. Zhang He became the proud new owner of the loyal stray dog (who is, of course, stray no more). He called her a “buddy and a friend” and said he was looking forward to taking care of her and giving her a home. For a dog that loyal, who wouldn’t want to take her home?

To see footage of the journey…click here.


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