Milo Update

Milo had surgery on Monday, March 26 to have one of his rear legs removed, and his dad says that all went well. On Wednesday, March 28 Milo will return home to start his recovery.

Some years ago, our dog Bela had a front leg removed due to cancer. From first hand experience we can tell you that it is remarkable the way dogs recover from this procedure. The first couple of weeks can be difficult, but dogs simply don’t dwell on things they way we humans do – they just want to move forward and experience all the great things that this world has going on.

We hope you’ll help us send some positive thoughts to Milo and especially to his parents, who will be doing some pretty intensive nursing in the next few weeks. They’ll also be taking a lots of time off of work, and we hope you’ll continue to help us show them some support by dropping a dollar or two into the “Milo” box in our lobby. THANK YOU!

See you soon, Milo! Woof!


2 responses to “Milo Update

  1. Yay, Milo. We’re sending you and your parents good vibes for a full recovery. Catherine, Blair, and Socrates Friederich

  2. Kent, Lisa and Milo Duryee

    Milo is continuing to recover and get used to getting around on three legs, and he’s doing just great! We’d like to thank everyone who helped out and who sent their thoughts his way. Thank you!

    Kent & Lisa Duryee, and Milo!

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