Most of you know Milo as the dignified, reserved dog who sits near the gate at Dawg House every time somebody arrives.  He is also a silly puppy who can run around with the best of them! He has been part of our pack here at Dawg House for almost 5 years.

Recently, Milo was diagnosed with soft cell sarcoma, and has a single, localized tumor on his rear leg.   He was enrolled in a clinical trial to see if a new drug therapy would shrink the tumor, but it didn’t.  During his treatment, surprisingly, Milo actually enjoyed his visits to the vet.  It was inspirational to see him trotting in after a day spent at the hospital, all “smiles”.

The next line of defense for this cancer, though, is an amputation of Milo’s leg.  This will essentially cure him of the disease, which is a great outcome.  The amputation ensures that all the cancer will be removed, leaving nothing behind at the cellular level to multiply and grow again.  In the meanwhile, however, the actual surgery and aftercare is extremely expensive.

We here at Dawg House are sympathetic to the cause and know how difficult all these decisions can be.  We want to do what we can to alleviate some of the financial burden for Milo’s family so they can concentrate on what is important–helping him heal!

So, there is a donation box in our lobby, right by the door. Please donate a little something…because it can really add up and help out.  In the next week or so, we will also be raffling off a couple of daycare passes and 100% of those proceeds will go to Milo’s family as well.

We will look forward to his return to Dawg House, and his healthy future.  Dogs are incredibly resilient and it won’t be long til Milo is running around with the pack again!


One response to “Milo

  1. How incredibly generous of you! Go Mr. Milo! Get well soon and then get yourself back to the kind peeps and friends at The Dawg House!

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