Second Chance and Underwater Dog Photos

Seth Casteel is the photographer of the fantastic “underwater dogs” photo series, which you can see at his website Little Friends. Check out these great images of dogs diving for toys underwater! Wired Magazine posted a profile and interview with Casteel here.

On February 9th, the photos mysteriously landed on Reddit, Facebook, Google+ and then Warholian, becoming one of the hottest trends amongst viewers on at least five or six continents.

More than 1,000 people all over the world have subsequently asked him to shoot photos of their pets. He’s got a line of publishing houses fighting to get the rights to his forthcoming book of underwater dog photos, and he’s made appearance on, or in, most major American news publications from the The New York Times to Good Morning America.

Casteel’s website also drives donations to the non-profit rescue site Second Chance Photos, whose mission is to create professional shots of adoptable dogs in order to give them a better shot at finding a home. You can see some compelling and heartbreaking before and after pictures at their site.


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