Amazing Pet Products

The gift giving season is coming to an end, but perhaps you missed some of these gems.  We know our dogs all deserve to be spoiled rotten, and some of these actually attain that goal! Others, well…you decide.

The Fauna Sauna

A company called ‘Friends FIR Life’ has developed a device called the Fauna Sauna which will keep the warmth flowing all day and night. Instead of using light to produce the heat the sauna uses infrared rays to directly heat only the object (your dog or cat) lying directly in front of the device. Perfect for the Arizona summer!

Autoelex Pet Pavilion

The Korean manufacturer Autoelex has equipped this penthouse for pets with some impressive features. Though it looks a little cramped, it has temperature and humidity control, antibiotic air-filled environment, and carbon filter deodorizer. It is nicknamed the “Ultimate Dog House”, and we take umbrage with that. We’re the ultimate Dawg House!

The Dog-O-Matic Washing Machine

Invented and marketed by Frenchman Roman Jarry, there really is a Dog-O-Matic, and Jarry says dogs love it. Just look at these photos and tell me if the dog in the washing machine is loving it…It’s a little difficult to stand behind this product.  Although, we could get lots of other work done while Fido is getting clean. And admit it– you all would love to watch it if it was installed in our lobby.

Bowlingual & Meowlingual, Cat & Dog Translators

This one might be the favorite.  From Japan, electronic “translators,” let you know what your dog and cat really mean when they speak. They are programmed to “understand” the sound of six emotions your dog or cat may feel when he elicits a bark or a meow.  Most of the time here at Dawg House, there is no question as to what the dogs are saying to us; especially when we’re telling them to settle down or sit.  It’s crystal clear!

Hopefully, when you all run out and purchase these products you’ll be willing to give a consumer review!


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