Dog Sculpture Garden Memorial

A lot of you have been asking about the wonderful metal dog sculptures we have in the lobby now. We’ve been working on a ‘garden’ vibe for our lobby for a while now, and this trio of metal yard dogs really made a beautiful addition!

We didn’t make a sign in that corner, but we quietly consider it to be a memorial to our dear friend and long-term daycare client Patricia Dietz, who passed away this summer due to complications from cancer.

Trish started bring her dog Dinky Dow nearly seven years ago, when Dawg House first opened. Her close friends Carol and Sandy also started bringing their dog Langston at the same time, because Dinky and Langston do absolutely everything together!

Carol and Sandy brought the dog sculptures to Dawg House and explained to us that they used to be in Trish’s yard, and that she would have liked for us to have them. We’re very pleased to have a little area of our ‘garden’ where we can remember Trish. We’re also so happy for Dinky, who has now become a permanent member of Langston’s family!

Thanks to Trish, a sweet and gentle member of our family pack, who we will miss seeing each week.


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