This is just a quick post to remind people that, although we have passed the Autumnal Equinox on the calendar, summer continues here in the Old Pueblo.  This also means, with the continued rain and warmth, that summer pests are alive and well.

We have witnessed far more ticks and mosquitoes in the past few weeks than we have during the main summer months combined.  This includes finding ticks on dogs at Dawg House.

There are four main types of tick borne illness–Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,  Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis (which our vets commonly call Tick Fever) and Babesiosis. Mosquitoes can transmit Heartworm, as well as other illnesses between infected dogs/people.  These diseases are serious and often times fatal, especially if not diagnosed early. The website:  www.vetinfo.com has a wealth of information regarding symptoms and treatment.

Because our season goes so long and the potential for illness is so great, please continue to treat your dogs with whichever treatment you and your vet decide is best for your dog.  Some of the treatments not only kill the adult ticks once they bite, but they actually can repel both ticks and mosquitoes from their initial attraction to your dog.

Stay safe and see you all soon—the cool down is coming! Woof!



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