Dawg Media

Hey! How are you? We haven’t been updating the blog much lately, but we haven’t forgotten, either. Sometimes ya just get busy. Plus, summer in Tucson is here, and things move a little more slowly when the heat sets in…

Anyway, we wanted to take a minute to ask for some help updating our Dawg Media. As you know, we have two picture pages on this blog, one with individual daycare dawg portraits (Gallery), and one with general daycare playtime pics (Dawgs Being Dawgs). We also have a You Tube Channel, where we post short videos of playtime here at Dawg House.

When you get a chance, click on those links and poke around. If you don’t see an individual portrait of your dawg, let us know and we’ll add one! If you don’t see a playtime pic of your dawg, let us know about that too! And if you don’t see a video of your dawg, send us a note! We’ll get right on it. You can leave a comment on the blawg pages or send us an email at: contact@dawghouse.biz


2 responses to “Dawg Media

  1. Rizza Husband

    Hi Erica & Chris and friends at the Dawg House!

    I love the updates on the blog! I know I haven’t been by lately. My parents and I have been away on vacation and my “mom” has been able to spend more time with me at home since she’s been on summer break, but I’m excited to start visiting again starting next week. Maybe when I return to see my friends again, you can take some pictures or video of me…? I’ll try my hardest to stay still for you 🙂 See you all soon!

    Pau the puggle
    (Rizza & Sean Husband)

    • Rizza Husband

      It’s Pau again! I just saw the video of me with Shelby, Sadie, and Murphy… It just took a while for Mom to notice it. Thanks for posting it!! Can’t wait to run around with my friends 🙂

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