Japan Dogs

If you haven’t seen this video yet, take a minute and witness why we love dogs so much. This Spaniel stayed by the side of its’ friend after the earthquake and tsunami hit, and tried to protect it from the person who was taking the video. It’s a heartbreaking picture, but it turns out that the injured dog was rescued and taken to a shelter along with its’ protector and friend.

Link: Japanese Dog and Friend

Animal rescue and aid is important during these disasters. When Katrina hit, animal rescue reached epidemic proportions, as so many were left homeless and injured. If you would like to help with animal rescue and treatment in Japan, donation are being taken and distributed by many organizations.

World Vets s a non-government organization (NGO) providing veterinary aid around the globe in collaboration with animal advocacy groups, foreign governments, US and foreign military groups and veterinary professionals abroad.

The Humane Society also provides relief to animals around the world in crisis situations.


One response to “Japan Dogs

  1. After we posted this, we talked about it and came up with some additional notes: (1) the brown and white dog is likely a Duck Tolling Retriever (thanks Erica!), and (2) while the translation for the video says it was trying to protect its’ friend, it may be more likely that it was trying to get the humans to notice and come help the other, injured dog.

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