Uli Donates To the Blood Bank!

Uli’s mom reminded us about a great story KVOA did on her recent donation to the Southern Arizona Veterinary Blood Bank! Here’s the article, with a link to a great TV segment starring Uli and her mom!

Sometimes pets need blood in a crisis and that blood comes from other pets. That’s right, pets can donate blood, and there’s a blood drive for them right here in Tucson.

Uli does it, she’s a Rottweiler mix, and she’s helping save her own kind by donating her blood. Christine Warren is a blood bank coordinator at Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center and says right now Tucson receives blood from about 45 dog donors and 12 cat donors.

Warren said, “Tucson Arizona has one of the largest volunteer veterinary blood banks in the country, and it may not seem like a lot but with those animals, we save lives nearly everyday.”

Carrie Fairchild says she brings in her dog Uli about once every 3 months. Uli is about 3 years old and all dogs and cats can donate blood in between the ages of 1 and 8 years old. Fairchild said, “It feels great that she’s helping other animals and she likes coming here.”

The blood from a dog or a cat today will save the life of another pet in the future. Fairchild said, “I know how I feel about Uli and if I can help somebody else keep their dog in their life, that’s wonderful.”

Link to the Story and Video.

Link to the Southern AZ Blood Bank.

Keep up the good work Uli, and everyone else who donates to the veterinary blood bank!



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