Erica’s Woof~Tragedy in Tucson

I know I’ve skipped several weeks…it was a busy holiday season like it was for everyone.  But I’m  back and will do my best to contribute to the blog weekly.

I wanted to use this space this week–exactly one week after the mass shooting–to just talk about it for a moment.  I know it isn’t necessarily dog related, but it’s community related and we are a community for sure.

I was very touched by President Obama’s speech on Wednesday and thought he made some amazing points.  An intelligent, rational client of ours made similar points to me on Tuesday morning, but I wasn’t ready to hear them.

This needs to be a time of healing and love and joining together as a community.  It is very easy to point fingers at so many different political groups, fringe groups, affiliations; but this isn’t the time for that.  We need to get past the blame in order to heal, and I feel like that was the meat of the President’s message.

In addition to the tragedy, there was so much humanity and so many heroes that came forward that day.  From the amazing 20 year old Daniel Hernandez, who saved Gabrielle Gifford’s life, to Dorwin Stoddard who gave his life for his wife’s, to the countless EMT’s that arrived at the scene, to the Safeway employees that brought out towels and bandages to help…the list goes on and on.

The six victims deserve rememberance:  Christina Taylor Greene, Gabe Zimmerman, John M Roll,  Dorwin Stoddard, Phyllis Schneck, and Dorothy Morris.  Each victim has an amazing story that has been brought in the spotlight.  These are all people that live among us–so many fascinating, inspirational people.

So, please…in these next days, weeks, and months, spend some extra time with loved ones–let them know how special they are to you.  Light a candle for the victims and celebrate the heroes.  And don’t forget a good cuddle with your dog. It’s amazing how therapeutic that can be.


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