Bloggydog Tribute

Bloggydog is something we worked on for a while that is about our two dogs, Benjamin and Finnegan, and our adventures around the neighborhood.

Saturday morning, November 13, our amazing and beloved dog Benjamin quite suddenly and unexpectedly died of sudden heart failure. It’s likely that the Valley Fever he had when we adopted him seven years ago caused heart damage, though he never showed any sign.

He was truly the kindest, happiest and most noble King of Dogs.

Your family misses you so much, Ben…


6 responses to “Bloggydog Tribute

  1. Moose & I are so sorry to hear this. How fortunate that he picked you as his family for all those years. Peace be with you.

  2. You will be be missed Ben. So glad that I got to see you in October.

  3. Terri, Jack & Tia Bakos

    Chris & Ericka, we are so sad to hear about Ben’s passing. He truly was a lucky dog to have found you and made you his people pack. And you were very lucky to have found a kind and loving companion like Ben. We wish you peace and love. Terri, Jack & Tia.

  4. Camille & Beto Pons

    Beto and I are so sad to know Benjamin has passed. Beto LOVED being able to stay overnight with him at your house, he was the perfect host…didn’t even mind sharing. We’ll miss him!!! He was a lucky dawg and you were most fortunate to have him for the time you did. XOXO

  5. Rose, Ella and Harley

    Ella, Harley and I are just so sad for you both. I am not sure what poor Harley girl will do when she realizes her boyfriend has passed on. We wish you much peace and strength right now and know how much Benjamin will be missed. Our hearts are with you!

  6. Jim,Trish & Britta

    So sorry to hear that you lost your beloved dog, Benjamin. You guys are the best pack any dog could have & we’re sure he had a wonderful (though too brief) life with you. Our very sincere condolences…

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