Erica’s Weekly Woof ~ Saturday Daycare!

This week’s Woof is really more of a Dawg House announcement, and you’ll more than likely get a follow up email just to make sure the word gets out.  Starting the Saturday right after Thanksgiving (November 27th), Dawg House is going to be open on Saturdays  from 9:00am til 5:00pm!

This way you can go shopping, take in a movie, go for a hike (somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs, of course!), or even work (if you’re unlucky enough), and know that your dog will be happy, playing and tired at the end of the day.

We will ask that you make reservations, so we know if we need to be here or not.  If you definitely know prior to Saturday that you would like your dog to attend,  PLEASE let us know and we will be here.  If something comes up last minute and you would still like to drop your dog off for the day, just give us a call first to make sure we’re  here.  We would hate for you to load up your pup and drive all the way over here to find us closed.  Plus, your dog would never forgive you =).

To ensure us being here and being open, make a reservation during the week prior…but don’t feel like you can’t come if it’s a last minute decision. Just call!

Hopefully that answers all your questions, but of course if you have additional questions,  feel free to ask.  We look forward to hanging out with you and your dogs an extra day this winter!



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