Erica’s Weekly Woof ~ Halloween Party for Dogs

As hard as it is to believe, another Halloween is here! How did that happen?? You’ll notice that our decorations didn’t go up until this week—but they look awesome! Thanks to Christopher for that—I have to admit he did the whole thing himself and they couldn’t look better.

Halloween can be a rather stressful holiday for your dogs…what with all the doorbell ringing, noise and commotion, children everywhere…plus bowls of chocolate sitting around (well, not at my house–it never lasts long!).

This weekend, however, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona is throwing a Halloween party for dogs.  It’s being held at their new “Pawsh” location at La Encantada on Saturday, October 30th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. For a $10 donation you can enter your dog in the costume contest, you get a free pet portrait, a chance at many door prizes, and cupcakes!!

It should really be fun for all—and it’s a great excuse to check out the Humane Society’s newest location.  It fits in perfectly with La Encantada, and their merchandise is really unique.

So, make sure to keep your pets safe this Halloween, being mindful of the door opening as you hand out candy (make sure your dog or cat can’t get out), be careful with the bowls of candy that might be within snouts reach, and also any jack-o-lanterns with lit candles inside (typically the perfect height for a dogs’ wagging tail).

And—have fun! Plus, don’t forget to let us here at Dawg House know if you won the costume contest—we’ll need a picture to post for sure!



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