Erica’s Weekly Woof ~ Pet Insurance

Many of you may already be members of an insurance plan for your dogs, but others may not really know anything about it.  There are currently 12 different plans to choose from in the United States, which can be daunting when first starting out.

Typically, pet insurance plans work a little differently than their human counterparts.  The cost incurred at the vets office is paid out of pocket by you, and then you are reimbursed a percentage, depending on your plan.

More similarly to human insurance, there are a range of plans and levels of coverage.  The most basic covering only catastrophic illness or injury, all the way to full coverage that even includes yearly exam and vaccinations.

The nice part about the different plans is that you can get a free quote on most of their websites.  The most popular plans (and best reviewed) are:  ASPCA (, VPI ( and Petfirst Healthcare ( There is also a website/blog that allows clients of all ten pet insurance providers to post their experiences (

Prior to signing up,  make sure to read fine print and exclusions.  Most of the insurance plans require a physical exam first, and will exclude pre-existing conditions.

I would love for a discussion of your experiences (good and bad) with pet insurance to ensue right here.  Please feel free to add any comments you would like—there’s nothing like personal experience shared among pet lovers to really steer others in the right direction.



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