Erica’s Weekly Woof ~ Tucson Dogs web group

Not sure how many of you belong to listservs or Yahoo Groups, but there is a really great one that hits very close to home…Tucson Dogs!  It is moderated by two members, one who no longer lives in Tucson, but was instrumental in creating several of the current dog parks around town; the other is a current resident who is involved in agility and a faithful dog park attendee.

The group is a wealth of information, and if you join, you can search through the archives to read all past messages.  You are even able to search by keywords or topics, and it will list the messages posted on those subjects.

If you’re not a Yahoo member, it’s free to sign up and you can create a username and only use it for the listserv if you’d like.   The messages can arrive in your email individually, or as a digest; but the message traffic isn’t too overwhelming.

Many of the rescue organizations post about fundraising events, people post with questions about trainers, training issues, local groomers, upcoming dog events,  etc.  It’s really an amazing community and definitely something to take advantage of—and the best thing is—it’s local!

The web address to get signed up is
Hope you enjoy it as much as I have! WOOF!


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