Erica’s Weekly Woof ~ Dancing Dog

First I’ll start off by apologizing for taking a couple weeks off—can I use the Labor Day holiday excuse? This week I wanted to share something with you that I don’t usually condone…but it’s too great.  It’s a YouTube video of a Golden Retriever dancing the Merengue with her owner.  You may have already seen this, but even so—watch it again!

The dog is obviously enjoying herself and you can see her concentrating during the entire dance routine.  She knows it WELL, too. She knows exactly which step is coming up next and how to accomplish it.  You can really tell that her true ambition is to please, which is why I think the video is so entertaining. She isn’t doing anything she doesn’t want to do, and it’s obvious that she has been taught with love, and she responds well.

As I sit here in a room full of dogs, I try to imagine any of them getting up and dancing…mine included (even more than any!).  I can’t even picture myself dancing that well =).  But, all the dogs that attend Dawg House have their own behaviors that stem from love and encouragement—and that we do get to see every day!

Enjoy the video and if you want to see some real amazing dogs, don’t forget to check out Dawg House’s YouTube channel at:



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