Erica’s Weekly Woof! ~ Dog Food Ratings

Choosing a food for your dog can be an incredibly daunting task. So many of our canine companions have some level of food allergy or intolerance as well.  The main culprits that cause these allergies are the fillers: corn, wheat and soy.  In addition, food fillers are the third largest cause of allergies in dogs. Atopy (inhaled) and flea bites are the only allergies that occur more often than food allergies.

So many of the low level kibbles contain these ingredients, and the reactions within the dog can really run the gamut.  Anything from severe itching, hair loss or thinning, scaly skin all the way to behavioral problems.  It’s amazing what a proper, well balanced diet can do for your dog.  It often times includes a simple protein and a single carbohydrate, free of by-products and fillers.

All major dog food brands make so many claims about their health benefits that it’s hard to wade through all the information.  Especially when you’re watching t.v. and one of those great commercials comes on with the happiest, healthiest looking dog in the world!  I don’t know about you, but it always grabs my attention.

The website is a completely independent information source that rates dog foods and their ingredients.  Check it out to see where your food falls, and  see if you need to make a change or improvement for the health of your best friend.



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