Erica’s Weekly Woof! ~ Jendala

Hi everybody! This is an introduction to a new feature for our blog—Erica’s Weekly Woof! This edition will be short, but sweet =).  After today, I will post a small article about something interesting, fun, woof-worthy…all about dogs!

This also gives all of you the opportunity to make me aware of something you might like to see featured here; perhaps you know about a great dog-friendly event that is up and coming, or a dog related item that you don’t think other dog parents should live without! Please make me aware and I’d love to do a feature! Let’s do this Woof together.

I thought I’d start out with something particularly fun…so many people have asked about those amazing dog bone/bells that are hanging in our lobby across the white fence. I got those from an artist (who happens to be a MAJOR dog lover) named Jennifer Utsch.

Her studio is located in California, but she has a booth at every 4th Ave. Street Fair in Tucson, so you can see her artwork for yourself.  She salvages all the steel that she uses from cans in the landfill—so it’s environmentally friendly as well.

Throughout her website, you’ll see her dog in many of the pictures.  Jennifer just recently lost this dog to a sudden illness at 14…so it’s even more poignant to see his inclusion all over her website.

Check out her website at  You’ll be hooked like I was!



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