Dawg House is Moving in June!

We’re moving up the street! Yep, we’ll still be the same Dawg House, but in a new location starting in June 2009. The new Dawg House location is just a little north of the original location – about one mile – just south of Grant, on the west side of the road. 

We’re looking forward to a more modern building, our own private, secure parking lot, a brand-new AC and heating system, and the addition of on-site overnight boarding! We will still offer premuim boarding out of our home, but the separate boarding area at Dawg House 2.0 will add to our capacity, will be offered at a sliightly lower rate, and will feature its’ own daycare area. Sweet.

The original Dawg House will be open regular hours through May 31, 2009. The week of June 1-5 we will be closed for transitioning, and the new Dawg House location will be open on Monday, June 8. We’ll also be hosting a little housebreaking party sometime in June, so stay tuned – you’re all invited!

See… we’re not going very far:

Map from Dawg House 1.0 to Dawg House 2.0

Map from Dawg House 1.0 to Dawg House 2.0

If you want to Google or Mapquest or GPS it yourself, our new address is:

2201 North Stone Avenue 85705

Same phone, same web, same email, same folks.



5 responses to “Dawg House is Moving in June!

  1. CONGRATS!!! That is super exciting!!! Woo-hooo!!! 🙂 See ya soon! KJ and Sedona

  2. Love your new blawg and am so excited for your new modern building!! 🙂 Harley and Rose

  3. Judy and Shadow

    How exciting! Shadow wants to know if there will still be a futon?

  4. Luv the new digs…so many new smells and all my favorite pals are there and then some…woof…and we LUV the dogcam because my mom calls all her friends to give them a Beto-alert so they can tune in and see me in action…shout out to my Aunt Dianne for always tuning in! Beto-the-wonder-dog

    • Hey Beto! You look SO handsome on that doggie cam! I love it when your mom lets me know that you have a play day ~ I keep the doggiecam open on my desktop all day! xoxoxo from Aunt Dianne

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